Transformer Target Stands

Transformer Target Stands

The Transformer was developed with the concept of one versatile stand to be used in many different applications. All Transformer target stands are able to utilize both 18” and 24” paper targets supported from a 1×2 lath, found at any home improvement store. The 29 Deluxe adds the option of using a 2×4 to support more target options such as our 2 plate rack, swivel target systems as well as our 14 gun rack.
The 44 Deluxe will expand your options even further by adding the ability to use 2×2 lath with our crossbar to hang all our sniper targets from the two square up to our precision sniper target and everything in between.
A durable 3/16” formed steel base with removable legs is featured on all Transformers. The legs conveniently store underneath the stand for easy storage. The durable powder coated finish, fully welded assembly and ease of use will provide years of dependability.
Which Transformer is Right for You?

29” Standard 29” Deluxe 44” Deluxe
Paper 18” x x x
Paper 24” x x x
Steel x x x
Swivel Targets x x
Plate Rack x x
Gun Rack x x
Sniper Targets x

29” Standard Transformer

Standard Transformer, shown with a 24” Paper Target
24“ Paper Target not included with Transformer.

29″ Standard Transformer Base


29″ Crossbar


29” Pink Lady Standard Transformer Base


29” Pink Lady Crossbar


29” Deluxe Transformer

Deluxe Transformer, shown with Cross Bar, CAB Swivel Target on Deluxe Swivel Mount
Cross Bar, CAB Swivel Target, and deluxe Swivel Mount sold separately.

29” Deluxe Transformer Base


29” Crossbar


29“ Pink Lady Deluxe Transformer Base


44” Transformer

44” Transformer, shown with 1-Hole Target on 8” Elastomeric Hanger and 2-Hole Target on Heavy Duty 2 Hole Hanger
1-hole target, 2-hole target, and hangers sold separately.

44” Transformer Base


44″ Crossbar


44” Pink Lady Transformer Base


44” Pink Lady Crossbar