7 in 1 Target System

One Target System for Every Shooting Style

Expandable, Adaptable, Reliable!

The last target you will ever buy. Take Aim Targets allows for a quick and easy set up in multiple configurations for convenient and repeatable target shooting.
• 500 Certified Brinell Armor Plate Target
• Rated for high powered rifles up to 7MM 300 Winmag
• Field Set Up in less Than 1 Minute
• Easily Viewable From Long Distances
• Powder-Coated for Durability
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Additional Target Sizes Available, Sold Separately
• Carry bag included

Part # 7in1 Target System

One Target System for every shooting style. Expandable, Adaptable, Reliable.


Target Assembly 1

For use on flat level ground, develop proper muscle memory for pistol aiming and shooting.


Target Assembly 2

Configured for shooting on a hillside or uneven surfaces.

Target Assembly 3

Sidehill/Traverse Sidehill
Configured for sidehill shooting on a slope or other uneven surface conditions.


Target Assembly 4

For shooting in the prone position above short obstacles.

Target Assembly 5

For shooting in the prone position when obstacles are not a factor.