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Take Aim Targets

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1. What type of steel is used on your targets?
Our targets are made from high quality AR500 plate steel. Our suppliers are required to certify mill test reports to ensure the material meets our Brinell hardness requirements. In addition we independently test each sheet for hardness.
2. Can I order custom configurations?
Yes, since our manufacturing and powder coating is done in house we can custom configure targets and target stands to your specific needs. Let us know what works for you and we can build it.
3. What calibers can I shoot?
We have tested most types of handguns, shotguns and rifles. Typical rifle calibers range from 5.56 through 7.62 NATO, .308, 300 Win Mag, 7mm and .50 cal BMG. We would like to say the 50 cal. will reduce the service life of the target.
4. What are safe shooting distances?
We recommend that you use the safe distance recommendations supplied with your target system. Typical distances are 25 yards for pistols, 40 yards for shotguns, 100 yards for small caliber rifles, 200 yards for high caliber rifles and 600 yards for .50 BMG. We have tested our targets at much closer distances, but this increases the likelihood of fragment ricochet.
5. What is the "Life" of a typical target?
During testing, a law enforcement agency fired over 12,000 rounds of 5.56 at a distance as close as 7 yards and over 3,000 rounds of 7.62 without failure on the same ½” AR target. We would like to remind you that cracking, breaking, deformation of the AR plate is normal over time. Factors depend on the type of ammunition, caliber and distance shot.
6. Can I get replacement parts?
Yes. Each part sold by us can be individually ordered at a reasonable cost. Feel secure that each replacement piece is an O.E.M. part.
7. Why do you waterjet cut your targets?
Waterjet cutting does not alter the metallurgy of the steel as a result of no heat buildup during the cutting process. Plasma and flame cutting both produce heat during the cutting process reducing the hardness of the target.
8. What do you mean by a 7 In 1 Target System?
The 7 In 1 Target System is modular design allowing the legs to be adjusted to fit the terrain and shooting conditions. Each system can be set up for uphill/downhill, side hill/transverse and prone shooting position.
9. Do you have more than one type of system?
Yes. Even though our 7 In 1 System has proven to be our best seller, we do offer other types. Other types include our IDPA, USPSA, Silhouettes, Reactive, Sniper Challenge and In Service Training targets. See our PRODUCTS section for more details or just call us.
10. How do you score your targets?
Depending on the type of target, distance and weapon used factor into target scoring. Our steel targets allow for instance target validation when struck by a bullet. The sound of the hit can be heard from over 1,000 yards away and the reactive nature gives visual confirmation.
11. Why buy Take Aim Targets?
We believe customers want an affordable alternative for a reusable target that lasts and allows for quick and easy setup and take downs. Our system can be ready to shoot in less than a minute, when you’re done it quickly disassembles and stores in the durable carry bag provided. The modular design allows customers to replace damaged parts at affordable prices. Our high standards of quality will provide one target system that will last for years to come.
12. What type of rounds can be shot at your targets?
Unlike our competition you don’t have to just shoot frangible ammunition. In fact use your normal hunting rounds, match, FMJ or ball ammunition. Obviously armor piercing will penetrate the target
13. In case you were wondering…
Take Aim Targets are proudly made in the USA. We support our 2nd Amendment rights and responsible shooting. We also support our men and women of our armed forces and pray for their safe return.

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